Martin - Business Analyst

"I started working at Onguard in 2016 as a Business Analyst. In the meantime, I've done different roles and now I'm a Business Controller for the Finance and Operations department. In this role I help and support the company to achieve its goals through financial planning and analysis. The fact that I've done different roles in a few years says something about the good career opportunities that Onguard offers. Since Onguard is a Visma company this gives even more possibilities to grow within the Visma Group in the future. Onguard is a very informal company with a low hierarchy structure. These are two key aspects that suits me very well and I think are very important to modern companies. Also the social events that Onguard organizes throughout the year are a nice way to ensure a good working atmosphere."

Britt - HR

"In a dynamic time for Onguard, the HR department is constantly in motion. This makes working in Human Resources such a great time. Working together as a small team ensures that even as a trainee or junior team member, you can influence at management level and contribute to the business’ success."

Linda - Marketing

"As a lead gen rep, it’s fun joining forces with both the marketing and sales team with a goal to enhance Onguard’s position in the market.
Having freedom in content and campaign creation gives me the opportunity to use my creativity and commercial mindset strategically generating new business opportunities.
Working in a multi-cultural team is so heartwarming, there is so much to learn from each other every day."